Come ride with us!  High Desert Devo is offering coached, group mountain bike rides for Middle School and High School kids from July - October, 2018.  There is the option for the High School riders to attend races from August - October as part of the Colorado High School Cycling League.  We also would like to encourage riders to be part of our team who are beginners and any skill level - our top priorities are fun, team building, rider safety, and improving on riding skills.  A love for the sport and a supportive team environment are the biggest ingredients for wherever cycling takes you, whether it be high-level competitive racing, or just riding for fun. Our goal is to support riders at all levels in the best way we can. 

We have a qualified coaching staff to lead group rides - all coaches are NICA-certified and have first aid and concussion training.  Many of our coaches volunteer their time at High Desert Devo.  Group rides typically meet at Phil's World, Boggy Draw, Dolores Overlook Trail, and other trails local to Dolores, Cortez and Mancos.      

Here are the rides we are offering for 2018: 

High School Girl's Team - practice 2-3 times per week July-October

High School Boy's Team - practice 2-3 times per week July - October

Middle School Boy's Club - practice 2 times per week July - October

Middle School Girl's Club - practice 2 times per week July - October


If you would like to sign up, please fill out the form on our registration page and we'll get in touch with you.